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Specialized test equipment tests


NON-IONIZING RADIATION: Microwaves, electric fields, magnetic fields, and radio frequency

RADIATIONS: laser, maser, infrared, electric field, magnetic field, visible and ultraviolet

Possible adverse health effects


Alterations in the hematopoietic system: Produces loss of leukocytes, decrease or lack of resistance to infectious processes and decrease in the number of platelets causing significant anemia and a marked tendency to hemorrhaging.

Alterations in the digestive system: Inhibits cell proliferation and causes injuries in the digestive lining, producing a decrease or suppression of secretions and a high loss of fluids and electrolytes, especially sodium; as well as infection of bacteria from the intestine to the blood.

Skin disorders: Inflammation, erythema and dry or wet peeling of the skin. Reproductive system disorders: It can cause infertility in men and women. The long-term effects will depend on the dose and radiation time as well as the age of the irradiated person.

Eye disorders: Permanent damage by the action of radiation.

Alterations in the cardiovascular system: Produces damage to the heart.

Urinary system disorders: Renal disorders such as atrophy and fibrosis.

Sometimes, contaminated building materials produce these harmful effects. Baja House Inspectors can detect contaminants of this type.


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